First Elite breeding stock to be Registered in the PRE Stud Book.

Tue, 01/31/2012

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Ermitaño III: Purebred Spanish Horse


First Elite breeding stock to be Registered in the PRE Stud Book


The results of the latest genetic assessment carried out within the framework of the ANCCE Breeding Program, in collaboration with the PRE Stud Book Office as the only officially recognized body to register PRE horses, report that the horse ERMITAÑO III, who has just turned 27 years of age, has been awarded the genetic category of IMPROVER BREEDING STOCK and is considered ELITE BREEDING STOCK.  This is the first time that this category has been granted in Spain.   


The horse, owned by Jaime Moreno García at Centro Los Arcos was bred by María Fernanda de la Escalera de la Escalera.  It currently has 256 offspring and 1,314 grandchildren registered in the PRE Stud Book.  In the genetic assessment for descendants, he has been awarded a positive Global Genetic Index with a repeatability rate that exceeds 0.6. Throughout these years, several offspring and grandchildren of this horse have been awarded the category of RECOMMENDED YOUNG BREEDING STOCK.


This horse has inaugurated the LG PRE ANCCE Elite Breeding Stock register.  He has therefore been granted a distinctive label in his passport corresponding to the breeding stock category achieved.  Moreover, his owner will be sent the corresponding accrediting certificate. This genetic category will allow him to be used for artificial reproduction.