2018 Revision for Basic Aptitude as Breeding Stock in the United States to be held in August

Tue, 07/24/2018

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The second trip to the United States for Revisions for Basic Aptitude as Breeding Stock will be undertaken in August. Moreover, this Revision will also include a Performance Control for Conformation and all horses will be genetically assessed, which means that all breeders participating with their horses will be included in the PRE Breeding Program.


PRE breeders in the United States with horses three (3) years of age and older who would like to request the Revision of their horses, should contact the international collaborating association USPRE by calling +1-786-264-1108 or +1-561-337-4077 or by sending an e-mail to lgstudbook@usprea.com.


The USPRE web site provides all of the necessary information and documentation.


For queries about other Revisions, consult the PRE Stud Book web.