100 Best PRE horses in 2018 based on Global Genetic Index (GGI) for Dressage and Functional conformation

Fri, 02/22/2019

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After 146,833 conformation genetic and 13.509 Dressage assessments, the PRE Breeding Program has drafted a full list with the best 100 horses (stallions and mares) in 2018 using the Global Genetic Index (GGI) for Dressage and Functional Conformation. These horses are all under the age of 26, appear a being alive in the PRE Stud Book and offer an elevated level of reliability.


Regarding some of the reliability references of GGI for Dressage, these have yet to provide an elevated reliability rate due to the limited participation of horses in the performances tests (Young Horse Selection Tests, or PSCJ as it is known in Spanish).


By publishing this list, breeders have a useful tool that contributes to the selection of breeding stock and the genetic improvement of their stud farms, and of course, the breed in general.


The PRE Breeding Program has continued with its efforts to share the improvements and genetic progression of future generations to improve productivity while at the same time guaranteeing feasibility. Thus, breeders are able to select and mate with those horses that best serve their interests in an effort to obtain products with specific traits. This, in turn, allows stud farms to move forward greatly in the genetic selection for Dressage and/or Functional Conformation.


In short, the PRE Breeding Program will publish the 2019 genetic assessment results on the both the ANCCE and LG PRE Stud Book web sites.


Consult the list with the names of the 100 best PRE horses in 2018 using the Global Genetic Index (GGI) for Dressage and Functional Conformation