The PRE Stud Book offers another discount on fees.


In an effort to contribute to reducing costs for breeders at especially difficult times due to the current economic situation, the PRE Stud Book has launched a new offer when requesting the renovation of documentation for horses from the main PRE Stud Book Office (service 115):



From 1 to 2 horses:           € 80 /horse

From 3 to 5 horses:           €60/ horse

From 6 to 10 horses:        €50/ horse

More than 10 horses:       €40/ horse



This offer is applicable to those horses that have blood on file when we offered free blood testing.   Likewise, in these cases, you also save as there is no Veterinarian Representative fee.  Thus, prior to paying for the service, contact the PRE Stud Book office to verify that we have the results of former analysis on record or consult from the "Private Zone" to verify whether or not your horses have a mark in the "blood" column.