Rate Reduction for Various PRE Stud Book Services.


Being aware of the current economic situation and in an effort to contribute to limiting breeding costs at times of special difficulty, the PRE Stud Book office has started a promotional and price adjustment campaign that started with the genetic analyses coat color being free of charge for all the foals registered in the PRE Stud Book office.  This was expanded to offer to 2 for 1 in the genetic analyses of adult coat colors.


Continuing with this campaign, from now on, the rate to be paid by breeders to the Veterinary Representative for each inscription will be fifty euros (€50) instead of the sixty euros (€60) applied to date.  This rate (€50) is applicable for the inscription of more than five (5) foals at the same time and the field work for all the foals is carried out in a single visit to a single stud farm.  The objective of these measures is to attain maximum concentrate the work of the Veterinary Delegates to optimize resources.


Thus, the new rates established for the veterinarian representative for service 103, inscription, are:

- Between 1 and 5 horses: €60 /horse

- More than 5 horses in a single visit: €50 /horse