The Assessment for Basic Evaluation (revision) will be a Performance Test within the PRE Selection Program.


In an effort to facilitate breeder participation in the PRE Breeding Program and therefore increase the number of animals per year that are assessed genetically for “conformation,” from now on, the conformation performance test will be performed during the Assessment for Basic Approval for Breeding.  Therefore, this test will take place at the breeder’s own farm, meaning that the horses need not travel. These stud farms will be listed with the Register of Collaborating Farms with the PRE Breeding Program.


To carry out this performance test and basic assessment, a record sheet has been prepared that includes a series of lineal parameters and variables that will be used, in addition to the basic assessment of the horse, to then proceed to the genetic assessment. The horse will then achieve one of the genetic categories, if it meets the established parameters within the PRE Breeding Program. In turn, this data will then be published in the corresponding catalog of breeding stock and on the ANCCE and LG web-sites. Equally, this breeding stock will have the corresponding sticker placed on its passport and a certificate accrediting that the horse has achieved the relevant category will be sent to the owner.


This new file, being that it includes many more variables to be assessed, the Veterinary representative will need more time to carry out the assessment, in which case horses must be more manageable and have the necessary conditions for the assessment. 


In addition to offering breeders major benefits, more complete information about the horse being assessed will be obtained and sire stallions enjoy the possibility of being included in the catalog for breeding stock.  Likewise, the price paid to the Veterinarian Representative for the Basic Assessment (Revision) as Breeding Stock shall be maintained—currently thirty-five euros (€35)  per horse when more that 4 (four) horses are assessed at a given stud farm under the same ownership name. 


If between 1 and 4 (one and four) horses as assessed, the price due to the Veterinarian Representative shall be forty euros (€40) per horse.  The only exception to this would be when a single assessment is requested, with no other service being requested on that stud farm; in this case, the fee would be sixty euros (€60).