Europe recognizes the quality of the PRE Breeding Program.

Special Mention in Norway

The scientific work on the Lineal Conformation Scoring System in the PRE horse, used in the PRE Breeding Program, developed by ANCCE since approval by the Ministry of Agriculture (MARM) in 2003, has been awarded a Special Mention by EAAP (European Association for Animal Production).  Presented as a poster in the category for equines, this work was considered one of the best endeavors from among the 67 projects on show. 


This honor was granted by the largest group of experts in Europe within the framework of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the EAAP.  Being one of the most prestigious European conventions on Animal Production and Genetics, the event was held in the city of Stavanger (Norway).  More than 800 scientific projects were presented. 


The award was granted for the project presented by ANCCE researchers and the MERAGEM Research Group titled:  Breed Improvement & Molecular Genetics.  It is important backing for the PRE Breeding Program developed by ANCCE and the PRE Stud Book management, which the government of Spain granted the Association as maximum representative of the PRE as a breed.  


Since ANCCE accepted the task of handling the PRE Stud Book in 2007 as an essential tool for the development of the Breeding Program, the quality, efficiency and dependability indexes have increased.  This, in turn, has earned international recognition to currently be considered a role model for other equine breeds, especially in Europe and America. 


Within the framework of the PRE Breeding Program, more than 20,000 horses have been assessed genetically.  As a result of this, eight catalogs for breeding stock have been published and are currently available to breeders as a tool to genetically improve their herds through specific selection and use of the best breeding stock.  Thus, the general genetic quality of the breed increases, which is an essential factor for the institution, despite the crisis, to advance in achieving continual genetic improvement.