Revision for Basic Aptitude as Breeding Stock in Austria to be held in June

Please be informed that the main PRE Stud Book office will be holding a Revision for Basic Breeding Stock in Austria to be held in June.
Moreover, this assessment (Revision) includes Performance Controls for Conformation and all horses will be genetically assessed. This means that all breeders participating with their horses will be included in the PRE Breeding Program.
For the main PRE Stud Book office to carry out this assessment, breeders need to meet the following requirements
  1. International Application for Services.

    You may send in your request for service online, or by email to, or mailed to LG PRE ANCCE, Edificio Indotorre, Av. del Reino Unido 11, Planta 3ª -2, Sevilla. 41012 (Spain). Your international stud farm Request for Service should be duly completed with the breeder’s contact information and indicate the name/s and code/s of all horse/s to be assessed.

  2. Pay for Service 206 (using a credit card, whether Visa or MasterCard, PayPal or bank transfer) through our web site:
The deadline for the reception of requests and payments is May 15, 2023. After that date, you will be informed regarding the exact itinerary of the revisions.
Likewise, the following requirements must be complied with:
a) All horse/s to be assessed must be in the name of the breeder requesting the service.
b) The breeder must present the horse’s original passport at the time of the assessment (revision).
c) Horses may be presented for assessment (revision) once they are three (3) years of age.
Please note that the veterinarian will have to take several measures of the horse.
In this regard, you should prepare your horse so that the vet can evaluate it without any problems.
Horses that fail to meet these requirements WILL NOT BE assessed.