A New Issue of El Caballo Español Magazine is Hot off the Press!!

A renewed edition with innovation in its multimedia format introduces the use of images and panoramic videos for a more intuitive and efficient use. 
The ANCCE Press and Promotion Commission is pleased to announce a new issue of its magazine El Caballo Español (# 261). With renewed esthetics, this issue is now more intuitive and efficient. These latest innovations make the magazine outstanding from the standpoint of news and advertising to position it as unique within the equestrian sector.   
In terms of contents, this issue seeks to spotlight ANCCE’s Golden Jubilee with another chronological reports that points out milestones and images of the initial years and Association development. Likewise, this issue offers interviews and start-of-the-art reports about groundbreaking topics. 
If have yet to join the various ANCCE channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram to receive the magazine and other news of interest, you may do so by following the instructions provided below:
- Incorporate our contact number onto your phone book: +34 675784407.
- Once recorded, send a WhatsApp to that number with your full name and that of your stud farm (if you are a breeder) and/or your profession. Remember to save ANCCE’s phone number in your agenda; otherwise, you won’t receive messages with the link to the magazine and other information. 
This application is a one-way communication system. 
- Download the application on your cellphone/tablet.
- Look for the channel: Caballo Español ANCCE.
- Join in.
We hope that this issue is of interest to you.  Enjoy it with our best wishes.