Remember The Procedure For Womb Rental (Surrogacy)

In keeping with the current PRE Stud Book procedures, a foal’s breeder is considered the person who owns the mare when she foals. Therefore, it is essential for all breeders who purchase a mare request the change of ownership prior to the date of the foaling (birth). In general, changes of ownership, whether stallions or mares, adults or Youngstock are mandatory and must be done within thirty (30) days of the initial purchase. This matter is of utmost importance in horses used for breeding.

In many cases, surrogacy or womb rental documents are being used incorrectly. That is why the entire procedure was updated in 2014. In the light of current market demands, this current notification is published as a reminder to refresh your knowledge and understand of this procedure.

First of all, the exact conditions to identify a true womb rental or surrogacy need to be defined. Womb rental appears due to the intention/need of a breeder to have a foal out of a given mare, when that mare is really owned by another breeder. This fact must be clearly stated in the womb rental (surrogacy) contact.

Therefore the first prerequisite that must be met is that the womb rental (surrogacy) contract must be filled out and signed by all parties involved. It must be presented to the PRE Stud Book offices at least eight (8) months proper to the expected date of foaling (birth). Womb rental or surrogacy begins, logically, prior to the covering (breeding) of the mare, and an agreement is reached between the owners of the broodmare and sire stallion chosen for breeding. When the mare is covered or inseminated, both owners will have already stipulated their intentions, therefore, they must sign the womb rental contact and present it before the PRE Stud Book. There is an example available on the PRE Stud Book web site.

Given the importance of this document, the womb rental (surrogacy) contract signed by both breeders must be signed and the signatures certified by a Notary.