New issue of El Caballo Español Magazine!

A new edition is hot off the press, with updates in terms of multimedia format, which is the main innovation thanks to the panoramic images and videos. Likewise, this issue is more intuitive and efficient
The ANCCE Press and Promotion Commission is pleased to send you a new issue of the magazine El Caballo Español (Nº 260) with renewed esthetics. This issue is more intuitive and efficient, as it provides multimedia updates, with the most recent development being the use of panoramic images and videos.
This latest update differentiates the magazine in terms of news and advertisements, thus making it unique in the equestrian editorial sector.
When it comes to contents, we have referred to the ANCCE’s Golden Jubilee by creating a specific section in 2022. It will cover the initial Association milestones, images and developments. Likewise, this section offers important interviews and reports covering novel topics.
If you have not yet joint any one of the ANCCE WhatsApp and Telegram channels to receive both the magazine and other information of interest, you may do so by following the instructions provided below.
- Add our cell phone number to you list of contacts: +34 675784407.
- Once you have incorporated the number, send us a WhatsApp indicating your full name, and the name of your stud farm (if you are a breeder) and/or profession. It is essential that you include the ANCCE cell phone number in your address book, otherwise, messages with the link to the magazine and other information will not arrive.
This application is a one-way messaging system.
- Download the app on your phone.
- Look for the channel: Caballo Español ANCCE.
- Join the channel.