Deadline extended for the promotion of past due-date registrations at a reduced rate

Due to the many national and international breeders requesting an extension for past due-date registrations (Service 127), the PRE ANCCE Stud Book office has proceeded to attend said demand. Therefore, it has been decided to extend the deadline to Tuesday, the 31st of March (2020) so that breeders may enjoy a reduced fee for the registration of all horses that have not yet been included in the PRE Stud Book, and that have failed to do so prior to the established deadline. Request for Service 127 may be presented until the aforementioned date at a reduced rate of eight-five euros (€85) per horse, instead of the standard €300. 

Once the 31st of March deadline has been reached, there will be no further extensions.


In the case of international stud farms, this fee may be increased due to handling fees implemented by the collaborating association, or for the shipment of documents sent directly to the breeder, which also increase the final cost.